June 22, 2020 - Problems installing/updating Windows 10 2004

During installation or updating the lastest Windows 10 Release 2004 the dongle driver used by SIMONE may cause a crash preventing the successfull installation of Windows 10. In this case you may observe a crash in the 2. phase of the installation showing an error in either the driver file aksdf.sys or aksfridge.sys.

This problem can be solved by installing the latest dongle drivers from the Download Area before trying to install/update Windows 10.


January 22, 2018 - Client Installation 32-bit

The version 6.21 32-bit installation does not prepare well for client installations on machines other than the server, on which the basic installation is made.

The problem is hence relevant only in case of a network installation and for installations on additional client machines.

To fix the problem, apply patch #10 for version 6.21 (32-bit) on the server. After applying the patch, client installations also on other machines will work as expected.


Installing on Windows systems not yet sufficiently updated

Installations on windows systems (other than Windows 10 or server 2016) may seem going without problem, but trying to launch SIMONE producing an error about a missing DLL.

This may be caused by an missing update (KB2919355) for the Microsoft „Universal C Runtime“. To fix it, update the system appropriately and repeat the Installation.


Problem with SIMONE Setup Manager under Windows 10

When trying to select an installation for removal or update in the setup manager, an error may occur if between the original installation and the desired action an update to version 1709 of Windows 10 occurred.

This can be fixed by applying patch #7 to SIMONE version 6.21.
Above Problem is Independent from the type of the SIMONE Installation: 32- or 64-Bit.